Book reviews for Word’s By God’s Grace

Lisa Parsons

Lisa Parsons

Lisa Parsons — Thank you Gail for these encouraging poem I really enjoy reading them.

Eric Gonzales

Eric Gonzales — I’m writing this email to let all know how my wife and I were inspired by this book, written by a personal friend and prayer team member at church. Our favorite part of this book is on page 10 called faith, it reads, faith never stops believing it will happen, faith never questions when it doesn’t, this spoke to us at a time of trial in our lives, I hope you are as blessed as we were by this book and I consider myself blessed to know the author and to be able to pray with her. Respectfully, Eric A. Gonzales

Fran Brown

Fran Brown — “Simple, heartfelt, direct, these poems come from a life lived in the presence of and the pursuit of God. Gail’s writings focus the soul on God and comfort the soul in God.” Fran Brown, wife of Tim Brown, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Fremont, California

Sally Fuller

Sally Fuller – This author, Christine Gail Garcia has written a beautiful and comforting book in poetic prayer form. It’s a gem of a treasure.

Lynda Palmertree

Lynda Palmertree — I just received your book on Monday and my husband started reading it first. He asked me were I got the book and I told him you had wrote it and that I had sent for it. I asked him if it was any good and he said this is a very good book and I was beginning to think I wouldn’t get my turn to read it. My husband is not much of a reader of books but if he thinks they are good he will read them. I could tell it was speaking to his heart. Praise God!

I could tell your book was from your heart and that you have a lot of faith in the Lord and that you LOVE HIM very much. It has also touched my heart and lifted me up. It came at a good time for both of us. We all have our trials and if we didn’t turn to the Lord it would just about crush us. It is hard to understand how people get through life not knowing the Father in heaven and that they can ask for help at any time. God bless you for writing your book and sharing it with others.

Sheryl DeLor
Oh my goodness Gail, this poem is fantastic….totally grabbed me and focused me on my behavior, and that’s not easy to do at 10:32pm on Monday night. Please read this poem on Wed night, please do….everyone there really needs to hear it. Wow….I really like it….it’s beautiful Gail.

Gerry Shorey
I enjoyed your poem. Very touching, very heartfelt. It lifted me!

I enjoy your poems very much,thank you for sharing them with us.Have a good day,God Bless.

Janice Christensen commented on your note “Titanic (For Maud Sincock Roberts,…”
Janice wrote: “That’s beautiful!”

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Carol wrote: “What a nice tribute!”

Shirley Roberts

Shirley Roberts — “Just read your poem. Beautiful. “Wonderful open prayers of a dear friend who really sticks close to God and loves her family and friends dearly. Congrats, Gail Garcia your published work is lovely and graceful Great for Christmas and birthday gifts for young, middle aged and older ladies!”

Faye Carlson

Faye Carlson — I ordered your book and absolutely love it! Thank you! Pages 46 and 47 are favorites….having a couple friends go home to be with the Lord recently. You are an inspiration to us all! In His love, Faye

Kc Chavez
Kc Chavez — Words By GOD’S Grace is such an inspiring book. I read it just when my Sister went with the LORD. This book brought me strength, comfort and peace through this trying time. I loved it so much I gave a copy to some of my family members for Christmas. I highly recommend this book.